Artisan vs. KitchenAid Pro - Help!!!


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Artisan vs. KitchenAid Pro - Help!!!

Herschey | Jul 12, 2006 04:45 PM

I'm about to by my mom her dream mixer - a kitchenaid. Trouble is, I'm not sure which. I think she want the pro, but it could be because it looks bigger and more sturdy (and doesn't come in 20 different fashion colors). I've been in several stores myself though and the Artisan sounds like the way to go.

She will use it to bake bread (for her, my dad and my sister, not for an army) and for cakes and such. So figure a loaf or two each week and a cake now and again, plus maybe some more creative light stuff once she gets the hang of it.

I've read here and there that people think you need the Pro 600 to do bread because it's so powerful. But for someone just baking a loaf at a time is that really true? The guy at Macy's I spoke to said getting the 600 was like buying a Ferrari to drive down the street to buy milk. At Williams Sonoma the woman was insistant that the Artisan was perfect and the Pro was overkill.

So if anyone can please help me I'd appreciate it. I'd hate to dissappoint her on her birthday. Oh, and it's a surprise which is why I haven't just point blank asked her which to get.

Thanks in advance!

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