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Getting Artichokes Tender


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Getting Artichokes Tender

sivyaleah | Oct 20, 2006 02:00 PM

Last weekend we were out to dinner and had the absolute best stuffed artichoke ever. The usual breadcrumb mixture with lots of garlic and herbs but with some chopped hard boiled egg in it too (which was new for us).

Now, my MIL makes these all the time and I've learned from her how to do it. However, neither of us has quite perfected the art of getting them to be as perfect as the one we had in the restaurant.

My MIL's tend to be completely overcooked - they become very mushy. Not bad (in fact, quite good) - but the artichoke becomes almost unnecessary in the end.

My problem seems to be that the outer layers are not cooking enough. I prefer not to overcook them as she does, but obviously I must not be cooking them enough. Mine tend to have a tastier stuffing, and retain more artichoke flavor but I am going wrong somewhere in the cooking time.

The ones in the restaurant were cooked so perfectly that nearly all the interior leaves were able to be eaten whole, not just scraping the flesh on your teeth. You literally could chew them up they were so tender. Unbelievable! How did they accomplish this without it resorting to a soggy mess?

Any ideas?

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