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An Argument for Family Style Dining

Dommy | May 16, 200811:57 AM

Hi guys... I hope you can help me out with this regarding this little snag we just hit with our wedding reception venue.

We went in asking them to do Family Style dining. They agreed, but in the middle of the process got a new manager and she's scoffing at it trying to get us to do a buffet.

We are COMPLETEY against the buffet. We'd rather do a sit down meal, but that too would be not what we want. Idealy, we want the feel to be like Thanksgiving dinner, it's comfort irish food and we want folks to dig in and take from a selection of things (Cottage Pie, Corned Beef, etc...)

They are a medium sized restaurant (Can accomidate our 100 guests no problem), but they haven't done family style before, they are worrying about the waste of food, timing and that things will get cold.

What I need now a GOOD arguement as to why they should not worry and any hints we can give them to pull it off (Or at least feel better about pulling it off!). I know you guys will be 100% more creative than I am regarding what we should tell her or maybe have some ideas on how we can come to a middle ground.

Thanks so much.


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