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Use arborio rice and really good home made chicken stock for risotto? I don't.


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Use arborio rice and really good home made chicken stock for risotto? I don't.

Hank Hanover | Jun 29, 2010 05:20 PM

I was taught to use $3.00 per pound arborrio rice and good gelatinous home made chicken stock to make risotto. Stirring in 1 ladle of chicken stock at a time, the starch from the rice makes it all creamy. It's great.

One day I made risotto for my wife and she said she preferred the standard long grain rice. She said she could taste a difference. Well, I really couldn't taste much difference but my wife is my broker. You know, E.F Mama, when she talks you listen?

Anyway, I tried making risotto with regular long grain enriched rice using the same technique as with risotto, adding stock 1 ladle at a time and stirring. Well, there was plenty of starch in the 79 cents a pound long grain. It got all creamy just like standard risotto and tasted fine.

Finally, there came a day when I wanted to make risotto but didn't have any of my good chicken stock available so I used a carton of low sodium chicken stock and augmented it with chicken base. Chicken base makes the relatively tasteless carton stock taste like chicken.

The risotto turned out great. In fact, it seemed better than when I used my good stock. It seems chicken base has even more chicken taste than my good stock. I didn't need the gelatinous mouth feel from my good stock because of the starch.

Now when I make risotto, I use long grain rice and canned or carton low sodium stock augmented with chicken base even though I have arborrio in the pantry and I have good stock in the freezer. I recommend you do too.

Now, before you criticize me too harshly, try it yourself. I can't tell the difference, taste wise. If you can use the cheaper ingredients with good effect, why not?

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