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Answering Posts In-kind

mamachef | Feb 1, 2012 12:04 PM

Dear Fellow 'Hounds:
I am increasingly distressed by the number of just-plain-mean and argumentative answers I've recently seen popping up here. I don't mean posts where one hound disagrees respectfully with another. I'm talking about when someone posts something and immediately gets hit with really crappy, nasty-sounding answers.
I'm not thin-skinned. I can brook disagreement, or even debate. I certainly don't mind when someone's opinion differs from my own. It's kinda why we're here, eh?
What I find annoying is when the ratpacking begins with someone who states their own opinion in a negative or confrontational way. I do understand the function of the "report" button and use it all the time, say what you will about that. My point is that there's a way to phrase anything and phrase it politely. I don't believe I've ever come at anyone less-than-respectfully. (Okay, on thinking it over I can think of ONE post where I really blew, and I'm not proud of it. If I could actually remember where it was, I'd go back and aplogize for that.)
We're all adults here. I think perhaps that when people are having a bad day, they tend to blow a little harder and hotter than they ordinarly would. I do make allowance for that. But there does seem to be a core group who thinks their function here is to totally diss someone else. You know who you are, I think: or else you're completely lacking in self-awareness.
No reason whatsoever to be unkind. I for one am glad that the vast majority aren't.
Just a thought.

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