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Come One, Come all to the First Annual Chicago Chow-Around-the-Clock


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Come One, Come all to the First Annual Chicago Chow-Around-the-Clock

zim | Mar 4, 2002 10:03 AM

I thought I'd take the opportunity to invite those of you who might be passing through, flying in, or just generally adventurous know about an event you might want to get in on in Chicago. A 24 hour chowhound eating extravaganza.

David Hammond, in his invitation to the midwest board spelled out the specifics:

Chicago, with an overabundance of ethnic dining opportunities, will host its First Annual Chow-Around-the-Clock, beginning at noon on April 5, and ending at noon on April 6. Our objectives: eat some good food, meet some good people, go down in history.

We’re going to focus on food, but along the way we’ll also stop by such non-restaurant local sites as The Kimchee Museum (perhaps the world’s one and only), an old school Finnish bathhouse (for between-meal detox), and perhaps a race track (gaming and grub go together).

We’re way open to suggestions on chowzones, but so far we’re thinking about:
· Johnnie’s Italian Beef
· Pilsen, for Mexican
· 24 hour Korean bbq spot in Albany Park
· Pakistani cab joint, for 3:00 AM kebab
· Delhi Darbar on Devon
· Chinatown, maybe dim sum or the mall

We would like to include some typically Chicago culinary creations, such as the Chicago Pizza and Chicago Hot Dog – and over the next 30 days, we will be soliciting suggestions from Chowhounds across the country for these and other locations.

For the event, we will follow a pay-for-what-you-eat strategy – don’t feel like eating, no problem…just hang, and talk food. Small contribution to of $5 for all participants – what’s not to like?

We’ll publish a list of some of the restaurant locations we intend to visit before the event so you'll have more than enough time to plan a road trip to the windy city to wine, dine and shine with committed Chicagoland chowhounds who refuse to let clock-time stand in the way of serious, world-class and committed gourmandizing.

Want to come? Post your RSVP on the Chicago board.

Can’t come but still want to share the experience? Post the name of a restaurant you think we should check out in what can only be judged a truly epic epicurean quest to sate insatiable Chowhound hunger."

Another possibility for vicarious support of your favorite web site could be a pledge of support per hour of chowhound eating (right now just a thought, any ideas welcome)

I've attached a link to the discussion of the event on the chicago board


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