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Animosity towards Old Spaghetti Factory


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Animosity towards Old Spaghetti Factory

Winston Smith | Jun 5, 2001 02:52 PM

Hey Everyone,

Why does everyone I talk to seem to derride the Old Spaghetti Factory? Frankly, I enjoy the heck out of the place; the food is, IMHO, good (I'm particularly fond of their spag/meat sauce platter), the service is always reasonably expeditious(well, almost always, anyway!), and you and your companion can get a full-course dinner (salad, bread, main course, dessert) for under $20 with tip. I've been to all of the OSFs in Southern California, Portland (2), and Denver, and I've never had a bad meal in any of them. What am I missing here???

I'd esp. like to get feedback from the anti-OSF crowd on this one. The most common response I get IRL is, "It's not REAL Italian food," or, correspondingly, "It's not run/cooked by REAL Italians." Frankly, I've eaten at "real" Italian restuarants many times in the past, and when I got home my bottle of Pepto was quite a bit lighter...

I'd also be interested hearing from fellow OSF "fans" like me; your experiences, favourite dishes, times to go, etc...

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