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Angel City Brewery!!

Will Owen | Jun 3, 2013 04:38 PM

The bad news is that they don't have food; the good news is that it's therefore okay to bring your own, and it's a very fun place to eat. We were there Saturday night for a birthday party, one of Mrs. O's co-workers, and were pleased to get a space in the small lot and then more pleased that there's a big burly dude out there keeping an eye on things. Big space, very interesting shapes to the various areas, handsomely decorated and not too loud - the music was good and loud enough to hear, but conversation was easy even for half-deaf elderly persons. Or one, anyway.

We just had some chips and homemade guac, popcorn and (of course) birthday cake; pizza was the most common table entrée, though most of the crowd was sticking with beer. We saw one attractive couple walking by, the woman carrying what we took to be a pizza box, and were delighted to see that it was a Monopoly game! Yeah, that kind of place.

Okay, the beer. If you don't drink beer, I believe they can give you some water, but that's the menu otherwise. Of all the brewpubs I've been in, this place is the Champ of Cheap: half-pints are $6, pints are $12, and if you want a "growler" it's $5 for the jug and $11 for 64 ounces … and if you keep the jug and don't break it you can refill it for $11 whenever you please. That's half a gallon of damned good beer for less than a pint glass. We each tried two pints, Mrs. O a Wit that was just okay and a Berliner Weisse with a shot of pomegranate that will be her favorite forever; I had the two IPAs on offer, a wimpy one called Social and the much more forceful Angeleno. We also swapped sips with several table mates and found nothing that wasn't worth drinking.

The people at the bar are friendly and knowledgeable, the restrooms are simply splendid and very clean, the vibe about as laid-back cheerful as you'd expect and then some. There's enough room in the various odd spaces to accommodate some guys who were tossing something around without threatening to knock anything over. We got the impression that this is sort of the neighborhood rec room/clubhouse, without any of the exclusivity you might encounter in one of those. Anyone is welcome and everyone can play. We will be back, with food. And it's just four blocks north of the Little Tokyo Gold Line stop!

THIS JUST IN!! They do have a food truck schedule on their website, and it appears they get several in regular rotation. Tonight it's Tokyo Doggie Style, Tuesday is TACO NIGHT - is that every Tuesday? - and Smokin' Willie's BBQ is on for Thursday and Friday.

216 S. Alameda St. LA

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