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Amount of food in Omakase? Long post. [moved from L.A.]


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Amount of food in Omakase? Long post. [moved from L.A.]

martymitz | Sep 18, 2006 06:47 PM

How much food should be expected for an Omakase that ended up costing $85 total (before tip) for two people? I know it's different for different restaurants, but my wife and I went out for Omakase last Friday at a restaurant we've never been to and left still very hungry. We just moved to the Inland Empire area (yes, I know, it's a food wasteland), so we tried Ken's Japanese Restaurant in Rancho Cucamonga. It was very good, and Ken was very nice to us, but we were just underwhelmed by the amount of food we got. We each had one beer, each had nine pieces of nigiri, and three pieces each of a maki roll. So that's 12 pieces of sushi each! It was indeed very good sushi and very high quality. But is that amount of food normal for $85?

Also, I'm not sure if we did something wrong, but Ken, the sushi chef, just all of a sudden stopped serving us. We never told him a limit of how much we wanted to spend, or how much food we wanted, but he just stopped serving us at one point. He wasn't even particularly busy. But we waited for about 20 minutes after the last thing he served us, and since I really don't know any of the etiquette I didn't want to ask him for more and figured that we should just ask for the check, even though we were still hungry. He didn't seem mad or annoyed, he just smiled and we got our check for $85 dollars a few minutes later. Is that normal? Should I have asked for more sushi?

Just for reference, this was only our second time trying Omakase, we usually go to another restaurant for all you can eat sushi. And our first time trying Omakase was a few years ago at Morimoto's in Philadelphia for $300 total for two people. So I can't really use that as a reference point. Are my expectations of sushi totally off-kilter because I usually frequent an all you can eat place, and because my only other Omakase experience was probably the best meal I've ever had? Did I do something wrong? Or is $85 normal for 2 beers and 24 pieces (12 each for me and my wife) of very good sushi?

Sorry for the long post, but I'm just trying to get my sushi bearings straight as I'm still learning. And for the record, the sushi I had at Ken's was excellent, I was just expecting more of it.

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