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America's Next Great Restaurant (Spoilers 3 Apr 11) (RANT)


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America's Next Great Restaurant (Spoilers 3 Apr 11) (RANT)

EvanWilliams | Apr 3, 2011 07:40 PM

Am I the only one who is completely irrated with the Grill'Billies? When these two won, I about flipped my sh*t. From day one, this couple has bothered me. They are like two uptown yuppies who have no idea what BBQ is yet continue to use BBQ 'buzzwords' like they know what they are talking about. They started out calling their place "Hicks" yet neither of them appear to be a 'hick' nor appear to even be from the South. They are confused about the difference between grilling and BBQing. Have they ever owned their own smoker? Do they know what a firebox is? A pitmaster? How long it takes to get a bone-in pork shoulder to pull? The effects of different types of wood on what you are smoking? Yet...they won this week and they are starting to gain momentum. Why? Because they are a cutesy couple? Stupid hollywood....

As for Saucy Balls, is no one going to mention that this dumba$$ is serving a lot of red sauce and he picked a uniform with a white tie?!? That tie is going to look horrible at the end of a shift for one of his workers.


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