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Americas Next Great Restaurant Episode 6 with Spoilers


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Americas Next Great Restaurant Episode 6 with Spoilers

chris2269 | Apr 11, 2011 10:46 AM

OK...Deep breath

So actually this was probably the best episode yet..I know not saying much.
That being said I have really started pulling for the Spice Coast Indian concept. In my last comment on this show I stated how because of the d bagishness of the Chipotle guy I would not eat in his restaurant again. Well I broke down and did and funny thing ...He is railing on contestents about using certain ingrediannts yet at both Chipotles I went to there was a sign saying how there chicken supplier was out of free range chickens...guess they ran away they had to buy processed chicken. You or at least I could taste the difference. The other thing is one of the times this week I ordered a chicken burrito with rice ,black beans,Guacamole,sour cream, and chicken. ...somehow they rolled in a way that the first half was all rice and beans next quarter was the guacamole and sour cream and last quarter was the chicken.

sorry got off track there a bit but my point is this guy is an A hole and has so soured me on his company.

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