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amazing watermelon margaritas


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amazing watermelon margaritas

Chowpatty | Jul 24, 2006 08:28 PM

About the only thing that's been really pleasant about this heat wave were the wonderful icy watermelon margaritas I whipped up the other night. I think you were supposed to freeze the watermelon chunks first, but I forgot, so I just combined:
about two cups of watermelon chunks
about two cups of ice cubes
about a cup of Trader Joe's margarita mix
a few tablespoons of agave sweetener
a squeeze of fresh lemon juice
three jiggers of tequila

and blended it up into into a delicious icy slush. Even my boyfriend who doesn't really like watermelon was very happy. I bought the agave sweetener at Whole Foods because I saw another cocktail recipe that called for it and I think it's a nice natural, fruity way to sweeten tequila drinks, or anything for that matter.

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