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Amazing Subtle Cookies


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Amazing Subtle Cookies

Jim Leff | Sep 4, 2000 02:20 AM

Allan Evans brought me back Duchy biscuits from England. They're the most subtle British cookies imagineable, made from ingredients grown on organic farms run by Prince Charles. The purity of the ingredients shows; they're so subtle and minimalist they're practically pristine, and they have a really true butter flavor that's a lot more "clean" tasting than, say Walker's Shortbread (one factor: they're not sweet at all).

The oat biscuits are extremely chewy, with lots of coarse oat bran, the orange biscuits have a really focused nuance of orange. I understand lemon is about to be introduced, and might be the best of all.

They're so subtle that on first bite, you might shrug them off. But the boxes empty quickly.

good news: the British Vice Consul General for Food & Drink (I'm not making this up) has informed me that they're actually available in this country. They're apparently being brought in by the Walker's Shortbread people, so look for stores carrying a bunch of their products


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