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Amateur Service. Should it reflect on a Rest. Review?


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Amateur Service. Should it reflect on a Rest. Review?

It's Me | May 14, 2002 11:55 AM

We went to our favorite restaurant for Mothers' Day. I brought my Mother, my wife, our two kids, and my brother. I had high expectations for the meal, owing to my favorable experiences previously.

This time we were very disappointed. The waiter was oblivious of any conventional protocol for serving a table. He referred to us as "You guys" many times, as in, "You guys ready to order?" or "You guys done?"
He didn't think to ask the Mothers for their orders first (it WAS Mothers' Day, after all!). He reached across the table to hand out food, brushing his tie across plates of food. He was nowhere to be found when we needed him.

The question is, since the poor service detracted from the overall enjoyment of the meal, should I give the restaurant a bad review for it? The food was very good; no complaints there. Should a restaurant suffer from a bad review because of its staff? I hesitate to do that, because a waiter like that probably won't be around long, yet I feel a restaurant should bear the responsibility for presenting adequate service to its customers.

What do you say?

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