Aluminum pans a hazard-bunk!


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Aluminum pans a hazard-bunk!

sueatmo | Nov 2, 2009 11:22 AM

Does anyone know where this myth got started. I heard it first in the '70s coming from health nuts trying to link Alzheimer's and aluminum, because more aluminum was found in bodies of Alzheimer's patients. I think we now know that Alzheimer's is caused by high cholesterol. There may be a genetic predisposition to the early-onset Alzheimer's, since it tends to run in families.

My mother's Alzheimer's began in her eighties, after 2 bypasses and years of crazy eating. Her lipotor probably prolonged her ability to function. Even now, the progession is fairly slow, though continual. (She is 92) She used Wearever aluminum pans for cooking for 2-3 decades. Do I think there is a link between the two? No I don't. She has classic heart disease with high cholesterol, and I think that is why she has Alzheimer's.

Back in the '70s I actually had an older pharmacist tell me I shouldn't use antiperspirent because of the ingredient aluminum chlorohydrate. He said you could could get a lump under the arm and it could travel to the breast and be cancerous. I thought that was crackpot.

Where did this fear of aluminum get started?

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