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Aluminum pan only ovenproof to 450?!


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Aluminum pan only ovenproof to 450?!

OrangeBlossom76 | Jan 6, 2017 10:33 AM

Hi all. I got a few sets of aluminum sheet pans for Christmas. More than I need and I'm going to return some.
One set - it's a two-pack - says "oven safe to 450." That weirds me out. Shouldn't aluminum be higher than that? It looks like regular, uncoated, natural aluminum to me. It also says "easy clean up" which was a surprise.
I'm just worried that maybe something is weird with them. It's Hamilton Beach by the Kitchen Collection. I don't know where my cousin bought them so don't know where to return them, so instead I'm going to return the lovely Nordic Ware one I got.
The finish on the Hamilton Beach and Nordic Ware pans is ever so slightly different, but I think that's just based on the milling. I tried scratching the Hamilton Beach with my fingernail and it did scratch a bit so that was a good sign.
I have to return something today in the impending snow!

Any thoughts? Many thanks!

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