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Aluminum foil – The Agony (biting on it) and the Ecstasy (terrific tips)

rworange | Apr 10, 200808:46 PM

My number one tip is that celery wrapped in aluminum foil will last for weeks.

Don’t know why this works but maybe because it is a complete barrier to light and oxygen and locks moisture in preventing limpness.

I found this great link …

15 awesome uses for aluminum foil

A few food related tips that were interesting (restated) …

- Soften brown sugar by wrapping in foil and baking at 300 degrees for 5 minutes. Keep it soft by leaving in wrap and putting in a plastic bag.

- Use it to create a temporary funnel or piping/pastry bag

- As all of us know lining pans reduces clean-up However, the Reynolds site also mentions that for brownies and bars lining the pan makes it easy to just lift the brownies / bars out of the pan

The Reynolds site says for regular foil it doesn’t matter if the shiny or dull side comes in contact with food. It is just the result of the way the foil is made. They didn't specifically make it that way for a reason.

They also tell you when to use regular, heavy duty and extra heavy duty foil. I always wondered. There’s a tip for dying Easter eggs using foil on the site too.

What got me started thinking about aluminum foil was a recent tv show that said silver could be cleaned by placing a sheet in a pan, covering with a few inches of water, 1 teaspoon baking soda, 1 teaspoon salt and let sit overnight … in the morning … tarnish-free … even the crevises.

Looking around for other aluminum foil ideas there was this site about why biting aluminum foil hurts … it creates a little battery in your mouth. .

Biting on aluminum foil can be painful. Why?

There are lots of non-food related uses but those are outside the scope of this site … so I hope people will resist tips like covering a couch in aluminum foil to keep the cat off (covered in one of the links)

Any other food-related aluminum foil tips?

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