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Alternative to Global suggestions...?


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Alternative to Global suggestions...?

Arthur | Nov 6, 2002 02:14 PM

I know knives get discussed on occasion here, but I have a specific question: Do you have any recommendations for knives that are like Global, but not Global?

The qualities I like in Global are: Slender stainless-steel blade, easy sharpening, lightweight but nice balance, good-looking, reasonable price for the quality. The one thing holding me back: the handles on these things are... I don't know, they are just uncomfortable... too small or oddly-shaped for my hands. When I use one for more than about 15 minutes, I start getting cramps and blisters. This is a big deal to me b/c I work in kitchen and often have to cut up several cases of vegis, etc.

My other workhorse knife is a standard 8" Wustof Grand Prix chef's knife. I like this knife for the handle and feel in my hand, but I prefer something with more finesse.

Anybody run into this same problem? If you have any suggestions, one thing to keep in mind is I don't live in NYC (or other major metropolitan area for that matter) and can't run down to Korin to test a dozen different models. I'll probably have to buy by mail/web. Thank you.

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