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Allergy etiquette question

jmarya | Nov 13, 201308:00 PM

I'm going to my BF's aunt's house for Thanksgiving. I have a nut allergy.

Last year, she made a stuffing with walnuts and cooked it inside the turkey, rendering it inedible for me. No big deal, I'm not a huge turkey fan and there were more than enough sides to fill me up. She seemed a little distressed that I wasn't able to eat the main dish.

Would it be ruder to have my BF send her an e-mail or FB message to remind her or ruder to not and not be able to eat her food again, assuming she makes the same recipe? If you were hosting, would you want to know, or would you want to make your recipes in peace and not worry about your nephew's girlfriend's allergy?

I'm perfectly happy filling up on side dishes (I tend to like the vegetable dishes more anyway), but I just want to be a good guest. :(

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