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Alcohol consumption by lovers of both wine and food


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Alcohol consumption by lovers of both wine and food

Christina D | Aug 22, 2005 09:20 AM

I'm due for my annual check-up next week and aside from the usual unpleasantries, there is one thing I dread more than most. That is the obligatory "How much alcohol do you generally consume per day?". My answer to this question is generally met with raised eyebrows, a concerned look over the reading glasses, and an admonition that I need to cut back. The answer, for me, is a weekly average of about 2 drinks per day (give or take). Apparently, the line for "heavy drinking" for a woman is 10 drinks a week, or just over 1 per day.

When I get tsk-tsk'd by my doctors, my first thought is that whoever set these standards must not be a fan of the grape. I generally drink one glass of wine while cooking and another with dinner. To my way of thinking, that's hardly heavy. On big nights where we go all out (either at home or in a restaurant), it's entirely possible to have a cocktail, split a bottle of wine, and have an after dinner drink. Based on what I hear from the docs, I should get dropped off at a rehab center on the way home.

So, I wanted to come to the chowhounds and see how my consumption compares to yours. What and how much do you consume in a typical week? What part do you feel that alcohol plays in your enjoyment of a meal or the experience of its preparation?

One of my favorite quotes on the subject was found on a plaque in a Napa Valley vintner's kitchen:

"A meal without wine is breakfast."

Please, no commentary on the evils of alcohol. I'm just looking to compare notes.


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