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Is this an Alcohol Allergy?


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Is this an Alcohol Allergy?

kannerz | Jun 20, 2010 05:44 PM

I have researched a lot but cannot seem to pin point my exact issue. As far as I know, even drinking just a small amount of; vodka, beer, wine and some others, causes me severe nasal congestion. It gets to a point where my nose is so stuffed up I cannot even blow it. When I first began to drink alcohol I never had this problem. Am I doomed to never get to enjoy alcoholic beverages ever again?
I am also currently receiving allergy shots bi-weekly for allergies to dust, ragweed, mixed weeds and grass. They all affect my sinuses, which is why I am getting shots. So have I now developed some sort of abnormal allergy to all alcohols?

If it's of any importance I am also on birth control and a 150 mg dose anxiety medication.

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