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Anybody else like air-dried tomatoes?


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Anybody else like air-dried tomatoes?

lisavf | Mar 2, 2011 09:42 AM

I like to buy grape tomatoes for my salads, but I only use three or four at a time, and I don't make salad every day, more like two or three times a week. Since the grape tomatoes are sold by the pint, I end up with lots of tomatoes that just sit for a long time. As they sit on the counter over time, they start to dry up like a raisin. I used to throw them away because I thought they were going bad (sometimes they would get moldy and mushy). But at some point I decided to just keep eating them, even though they were all wrinkly, as long as they were not mushy or moldy. YUM! They get sweet and chewy the longer they sit, which is great by me because the liquidy center is the part of the tomato I don't like. Now I buy a new pint of tomatoes when I'm about halfway through the old container, just so that they will start to dry out before I'm ready to eat them.

Anyone else like their tomatoes this way?

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