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Advice for first time visitors from NY (researched!!)


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Advice for first time visitors from NY (researched!!)

indiefoodie | Jun 7, 2013 09:12 PM

Hello everyone,

2 of us will be in Austin for 3 days over the July 4th weekend. We'll then head over to Houston for 1.5 days before going back. So, we're looking for things that are uniquely Austin that we don't have in NY (lot's of BBQ and Mexican food) and won't find in our 1.5 days in Houston. Based on what I've read, I've narrowed down a few places. I'm also looking to fill up a few open spots. Thank you for the help!

Wed: We arrive late at night. It'll be 12:00 in the night before we get anywhere.
- Any suggestions for an awesome late night dinner place?

Thu (July 4th): We're planning to drive down to Lockhart. Have a few questions about that.
- Considering it's July 4th, will the places there be open?
- Would it be possible to add a stop at City Market Luling either on our way to Lockhart or while coming back?
- Not sure how much room/energy will we have after our meat onslaught but I was hoping to try East Side King and if possible, some other must visit food trucks and then maybe check out some of the bars (one or more from Bangers, Black Star Coop, Draught House, ??). We don't want to cab around a lot so any suggestions on which location of East Side King to go to and maybe some more trucks around there?

- We'd like to spend the morning and the afternoon stuffing ourselves with breakfast tacos, tacos and I'm hoping a tamale or two. This is where I'm very confused. Again, ideally, we'd like the places to be close t each other and there seem to be so many excellent Taco places. Can I please get some help narrowing down the places that I found (listed at the end of my post)?
- I was hoping to follow up the Taco eating with a tour of Jester King Brewery. Is that recommended?
- For the evening, I was "thinking" of Barley Swine. But, I was just wondering, the food there - is that something that we won't find in NY? Should we look for something that is more Austin instead? Also, the crazy wait stories are a little bothering.
- I know that the 6th street area is not really where the locals go to but I've heard about it a lot and was thinking of checking out a few bars there. If that is something that is not recommended at all, then any other neighborhood/bars that we should check out?

Sat: We'll be driving to Houston after breakfast.
- Franklin will be closed from June 29th to July 5th so this is the only day when we can go there. Plan to get there early and wait.

There are places like John Mueller, Snow's Lexington and Louis Mueller's that I would have loved to check but I don't think we'll have time.

* Places that I need to narrow down for Fri (the closer they are to each other, the better)

Breakfast Tacos
- Pinos
- Taco Deli
- Juan in a million
- El Meson Burleson
- Taco Joint, Kens Tacos

Traditional Tacos
- La Fruta Feliz
- La Flor
- El Mana
- Taqueria Los Canario
- La Morelina
- El Taco Rico
- El Meson on Burleson
- El Rigo
- Taco More
- Marcelino Pay y Vino
- La Michoacana
- Mi Ranchito
- El Primo
- Rosita's Al Pastor
- Taco Deli

- Mi Ranchito
- Tamale House
- Tamales Rio @ Pablito's Bakery

What do you guys think of the above?? Thanks!

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