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Advice on Suzanne Goin's short ribs recipe


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Advice on Suzanne Goin's short ribs recipe

lootcorp | Jan 31, 2013 06:58 AM

Hi, all - I have a dinner party tomorrow night and am making Suzanne Goin's short ribs recipe (from Sunday Dinners @ Lucques) for the first time. I'm no stranger to short ribs or slow-cooked/braised dishes, but this is my first time with this recipe, so I'm looking for a bit of advice to make sure this goes off beautifully. Can you guys weigh in on the below?

1. A lot of the reviews I read for this recipe keep saying, "Don't forget to leave time to marinate the ribs!!" -- but I don't see any marinade listed in the recipe. I did salt/pepper/thyme my ribs last night (cooking today, serving tomorrow) -- is this the "marinade" they are talking about??

2. This is my first time cooking flanken-cut short ribs. Anything in particular I need to know? My wife had them cut at Fairway and they seem rather large to me (they are three bones across but wider/thicker than I thought they'd be)...however, the weight is right (appx one pound per cut, and one cut per person, before cooking)...

3. My dutch oven is large enough to stack these ribs during the braise, but browning them will be a PITA... also, I HATE what a mess browning ribs makes on my stovetop. I've read about roasting/browning the ribs in the oven or under a broiler - any downside to doing this? Seems ideal for this meal since I can lay out all six ribs (brushed with a touch of olive oil) on a baking sheet and brown them all at once...

4. In the past, I've cooked the other cut of short ribs (cut parallel to the bone, not across) and I've encountered what other cooks have complained about - pockets of fat under the meat. Any way to prevent this? Will the flanken cut make any difference? The ribs are trimmed pretty well, there are some veins of fat but to cut them out would mean hacking the ribs apart. I don't mind a bit of fat but I definitely don't want globs of it hiding in the meat. As mentioned, I am cooking today, chilling overnight, and de-fatting tomorrow, any other tips?

5. Finally, I will be cooking these when I get home from work tonight and they will likely be finished braising pretty late...any issues with going right from the oven into the fridge (not cooling for a time first?) I'm expecting them to be done around midnight tonight, so my only other option would be to let them sit on the counter overnight and put them in the fridge when I wake up at 6am - is that too long for them to sit? Any difference either way?

Thanks for any advice/tips/encouragement you can offer!


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