Need advice on Stir Frying and buying a Wok


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Need advice on Stir Frying and buying a Wok

REIUSA | Oct 14, 2010 07:11 PM

I enjoy cooking and have mostly gotten into grilling, smoking and sautéing stuff and now I would like to learn more about Stir Frying.

I am in the process of getting sauce recipes (feel free to throw one in on the thread if you want to help a newb) but my next step is to buy a wok and burner. I have a teflon wok but from what I have read that really isn't going to do the job like it should.

From what I can tell some of the main things are far as the equipment go is the wok is better if you use high carbon steel and season it well and you need to use very high heat for authentic stir fry.

I am probably going to get a hammered wok from the Wok shop but my main questions are about the size of the wok and the type of burner I should get.

For the size, if I get a 14" but mostly only cook for two people will that still work fine or is it important to use a smaller wok?

Will stainless steel work OK or should I just use steel for the best experience?

As far as the burner goes I found one in a local store, brand was Kajun Cooking (with a K) for $39, it was a wok kit and it comes with a 18" stainless steel wok although I will get a carbon steel wok if necessary, it was rated at 55,000 BTU's and looks just like the King Kooker wok burner.

Will 55k BTU's be good enough or does it need to get hotter? I have read some things that restaurant burners can go up to 200k BTU's or more. It doesn't have to be 100%, but I want to make sure it's hot enough to authentically stir fry and get the correct level of taste from the pan and the heat.

Are there any other brands of burners I should look at other than the king kookers, I don't want to spend a fortune but don't want to waste $40 either.

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