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Need Advice -- May Have Gone Overboard in Customer Service Ranting!!


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Need Advice -- May Have Gone Overboard in Customer Service Ranting!!

Fargo | Nov 6, 2002 01:56 PM

I know I can count on Chowhounds for some good advice on this:

Here's the story: I get takeout at least once a week from a local Thai restaurant, frequently ordering the same thing. This afternoon I called in an order for a friend and myself -- one order of Chicken Satay, and one of Chili Duck. The woman on the phone mis-heard the "Satay" and repeated back "Pad Thai" I corrected her, and then at the end of the order she re-confirmed "Satay".

We picked up the food, brought it back to the office, opened up the bag to guessed it...Pad Thai. I called them up, informed them that they had gotten the order wrong, they apologized and said they would put together an order of Satay and we should come pick it up. Ten minutes later my friend returned to the restaurant where they refused to give her the Satay until she had returned the Pad Thai. My friend pointed out that the Pad Thai could not be re-sold, so she had assumed they wouldn't want it back. Again, they refused to give her the correct order until she brought he incorrect order back!! So my friend came back to the office, picked up the wrong order, went back, returned it and finally got her food -- all the while feeling totally nauseated with morning sickness, when all she wanted was a nice bland order of chicken and rice!!

I got pissy and called the restaurant, pointed out that we were very good customers, that it is illegal to re-sell food, that I was going to call the Health Inspector to file a complaint and that we would never be coming back.

Ten minutes later the restaurant called back and left me a plaintive and apologetic message -- the woman sounded on the verge of tears -- and they've been calling me every half hour since. I've been a total chicken and have diverted all their calls to voice mail!!

So now I feel like a total heel!! I know I'm going to have to talk to them at some point, but I'm dreading it. What's the right thing to say? They're perfectly nice people -- they just screwed up pretty badly -- but I don't want to torture them forever!! It's a small town and I have to walk by there evry day...

Your thoughts?

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