Advice on knife sharpening

Mel17 | Feb 26, 201511:26 AM     18

Hi all,

I'm looking for some advice on maintaining my chef's knife (Henckles Four Star 2), namely what stones to purchase. I've done what feels like extensive reading and video watching but i'm a bit stuck. I'm an enthusiastic home cook and spend a few hours in the kitchen each night. I have a budget of £70 and i'm willing to spend the time learning to sharpen on stones.

I'm planning to buy a ceramic hone-rod, possibly this one:

I know the Idahone is generally recommended but since i like in the UK, its not a feasible option.

Regarding the stones, i'm unsure what grades i'd need. I thought maybe a 1000K and a 6000K would be a good setup with some available here:




I've been reading also about stropping and wondered if that would be something to incorporate into my routine.


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