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Advice/Recent Experiences Sought re Paris 1 or 2 Michelin Star places (or other similar)? (longish)

kirk wallace | Oct 18, 200103:43 PM

I am on the horns of a very nice dilemma. Here's the problem: 2 veteran hounds (and especially fond of game meats) have the following meals set for a week's holiday in France:
day 1: (Loire)dinner at Domaine des Hauts de Loire
day 2: (loire) dinner at Bernard Robin
day 3: (Roanne) dinner at Troisgros
day 4: (saulieu) dinner at Bernard Loiseau/Cote d'Or
day 5: (Paris) THE DILEMMA --need to choose a place for dinner
day 6: (Thanksgiving) dinner at Arpege
day 7: lunch at Taillevent
day 8: Dinner at Trou Gascon.

in terms of quantity/quality, we've done this sort of thing a bunch of times so I am not worried about palate fatigue (waistline explosion, maybe) or plain old loss of excitement, but usually we would try to put something light or spicy (or both) (vietnamese,indian, thai?) in that day 5 slot --dinner on day 7 will certainly be late, light and spicy (or what passes for spicy in paris)-- i am, however, tempted however by some recent reviews (and some posts here) of Christian Constant's Violin d'Ingres and of the new L'Astrance (ex-Arpege chef and manager).

Hence the dilemma, because I have wanted to try a Thai place called Thiou (can't find any posts about it here) for about a year (it was either Pudlow's or Bouttin Gourmand's foreign restaurant of the year last year), and haven't had the chance till now, i was leaning that way, but wonder whether (particularly since perhaps late November isn't the best time for that cuisine to show its best) i shouldn't miss a chance to see what L'Astrance or Christian Constant can do in game season?

any views or guidance -- including any notes re Paris places you've been recently that might fit in this slot?

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