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"Add New Post" button misuse

Gary | Oct 12, 201112:43 PM

There have been a number of posts recently on the Ontario/Toronto board which seem to be full, detailed restaurant reviews -- but the restaurant is never named in the post title or body. Instead the post refers vaguely to "this restaurant" or "this place" and seems to assume that we already know what restaurant is being talked about. Obviously we don't, so there is some confusion until some detective work is done and a moderator eventually edits the title of the post to reflect the restaurant name.

I believe this is happening because of the ambiguity of the "Add New Post" button. It sits prominently right above the title of the original post in each thread. Experienced Chowhounders realize that this button is intended for creating a brand-new top-level post on the board; we know that to reply to an individual conversation thread, we should instead click on the "Reply" link down below the post, or in the discussion itself. However, it's easy to understand how new Chowhound users might believe that when they click the "Add New Post" they are in fact adding to the discussion that is happening right below it.

My suggestion would be that a second button be added, so at the top of every thread there is the existing "Add New Post" button, and beside it a new "Reply to this Post" button. That would likely cut down on the number of misplaced vague posts floating around on the board.

Just a thought! Or maybe I'm the only one who's noticed this phenomenon...

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