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absolute fattest meats available?


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absolute fattest meats available?

bloodboy | Dec 4, 2012 01:07 AM

I am attempting to do an experiment with myself and an "old school" workout plan that emphasizes fat.

My question is what is, without a doubt, the most fattest meat that I can purchase? Hopefully it will be cheap so I can afford it but if not then I will have to see about something else. I am shopping at whole foods now since they are pretty much the only supermarket that will do specialty cuts for me. I asked some other supermarkets a number of questions:

Question #1: Can you cut me some steaks with a ton of fat on it (not trim it)
Answer: No, we are not allowed to sell you specialty cuts of meat with a lot of fat on it since it would be a health hazard.

Question #2: Can you prepare me some ground beef that is not lean and is 50% fat and 50% meat?
Answer: Same as above.

I stopped asking after that. Whole Foods said they will keep as much fat on it as I desire and just give them a day's notice so they can specially prepare the meat in the morning when they are trimming all the meats. (except with the special ground beef, they said I will lose 1/4 lb in the grinder. that sucks since it is so expensive...)

So, what are the fattest meats period that I can purchase?

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