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ABC Seafood dim sum eatoff (long) #34

Yimster | Jul 3, 200212:11 AM     18

Here is the South reply to San Francisco Yang Sang

Dim Sum Lunch at ABC Milpitas

Two San Francisco Chowhounds Derek and Scott with four South Bay Chowhound Ed Greg, Andrew and Lambert where meeting to have a dim sum lunch with Galley girl from Boston.

Greg and his son Andrew arrived late so they miss some of these dishes. There were nails spill on 101 going south which delay them.

We started the meal with Ed and I boxing out Derek so that I could write down everything we were going to eat. Since Ed and I both spoke Chinese we were able to get a good selection of dishes.

The waiter gives us a Jasmine tea to start.

We started with these steam dishes. My father showed the way to eat dim sum was to eat steamed mild items first so that your taste bud were fresh and you could taste everything.

Chives and shrimp dumplings Go choy gow
Shrimp dumplings Har gow
Spinach dumpling Po choy gow
Roast suckling pig Great skin little meat
Oyster sauce Chinese Broccoli
Won Ton Soup These wonton had whole shrimp
Salt and Pepper Squid Not oily at all

All these dishes were freshly steam and hot. The suckling pig was great the skin was crispy and there was not much meat therefore it is my guess that the pig was very small maybe in the 8 to 12 lb range. I want to choose the pig because of an old Chinese saying for the crispy skin eat duck in the north and pig in the south. Since Galley girl had Peking duck at Yang Sang in the north, I think that roast pig was right thing to eat in the south. The salt and pepper squid was the Thailand type but cooked just right so that it was not tough. All the dishes were well done.

The next round we selected heavier dishes. I also change teas, I was taught that as we eat into a dim sum lunch we would drink a tea that would settle you stomach and not the oil drop to the bottom.

We asked for a Cook Po tea which is a mixture of Po knee and chrysanthemum teas. I have always been told that this tea cut the fat and make eating fatty foods easier. We then started the next set of heavier and oily dishes. At this time Derek made his escape and was getting food off the carts. We kept him away from the food as long as possible.

Braised Chicken feet
Rice noodle wrapped shrimp
Black Bean spare ribs
Bamboo shrimp balls
Fried Yuba bean sheets wrapped shrimp this was not oily and really good
Bamboo shoot shrimp balls
Corn shrimp balls This was something new
Seafood pot stickers
Supreme Dumpling in soup; In Cantonese is call Guey ton bow. This was said to a super wonton in which the soup was inside the dumpling. This was good but not like the original.
Shanghai steam and pan fried pork buns
Fried shrimp balls
Chow fun with XO sauce.

Then we started the sweets.
Custard tarts: The curst was something I never had before it was crumb curst.
Mango pudding.

We ate this meal in three section light steamed food, heavier and oily food and lastly sweet.

Galley girl ask how we could say about the Yang Sang and ABC dim sum. We agreed that ABC was more of a Cantonese/Hong Kong style while Yang Sang was more California style of dim sum making use of ingredient not available in China and using them in the dim sum style.

I ask Galley girl which was better. I feel the she will be kind and not pick one as better. The cost was $24.00 each. We did not have lobster and other seafoof items because we did not see any. She said she wants to come back. She said that she was looking forward in meeting Limster next week. I would also like to change my name for all future postings. I the future I will post as the Yimster. So I can keep in my mind my friend the Limster.

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