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8" chef knife & meat cleaver


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8" chef knife & meat cleaver

bloodboy | May 4, 2013 12:14 AM

I am looking for two knives.

1. 8-inch chef's knife
2. meat cleaver
* best/easiest apparatus to sharpen them with also *

Price is not a huge problem for me but this is how I would like to approach this. I would like to purchase two knives that are the best possible purchase for the least amount of money spent. An example would be if someone said,

"[i]If you are looking for the best quality knives for the cheapest amount of money then you should spend at least $300 on __ or __ at the very least. Anything under that is not worth it and you should save until you can afford __ or __. Anything over that is good but not necessary for what you posted.[/i]"

Or someone might say that I can get two good knives for much cheaper and then they list the specific knife(s) that they are referring to.

So, price is not particularly an issue but I want to spend the least amount possible while still getting two knives that are worth the money. Thank you!

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