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7x7's "Best of" Restaurant Selections sicken me


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7x7's "Best of" Restaurant Selections sicken me

mudaba | Feb 25, 2008 11:44 AM

I know that every magazine has its own demographic and that 7x7 is clearly going for a Pac Heightsy market, but this issue is so lazy in its selections and just plain bad:

Osha Thai? Gary Danko? Citizen Cake? Delfina? Could there be a more usual suspects list? It is so dumbed down, and as my colleague just said, "When they dumb down the food at a place like Osha, they add sugar and it has no heat. Not to mention the dance music."

I just ate at a new Thai place (to me) on Sutter called Neecha this past weekend and all I could think is, "Are the editor/reader's choice pollsters even trying other places?"

Is anyone else annoyed by this Eat/Drink issue of 7x7?

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