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What is this and how do I make it?


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What is this and how do I make it?

phyrefly44 | Jan 27, 2009 06:37 PM


I had it at dimsum yesterday. I've posted it on two other boards as well. I just need someone to tell me a more specific name so I can ask for it at a restaurant, buy it at a store, make it, or google a recipe for it.

People have referred to it as "Sweet Taro Bun" and as we all know, that could be anything from a rice cake to a taro bun with puff pastry to a taro filled bread roll.

This thing is small, covered in white powder. It is a very very light purple color. Sweet. There is no filling, it is just soft light purple colored substance covered in white powder.

It is not any of the following:


If i had to say it had a crust, i would limit the "crust" to the white powder i described surrounding it. There was no bread. No steamed bun. Just soft, light purple, kind of gooey but not really sticky.

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