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Clearly you need this more then I do....

conngirl | Mar 8, 200804:44 PM

I've searched through the tipping threads and have not found this exact topic discussed. I’m a bartender at a NYC bar, didn’t go to bartending school and I fell into the job as a fluke, but I digress...

Anyway I've seen a few of my employees respond very rudely to those who don’t tip or don’t tip well. At my bar we don’t get paid hourly and we don't get shift pay unless we make less than 80. Now I've read many responses on the tipping threads from people angered and astonished when severs approached them or other customers regarding the tip they left. The "policy" at my bar is that if the patron leaves a very poor tip in cash hand them back the change because it might be an error. But for credit cards we're out of luck. So you suck it up. Though I've heard bartenders at my bar and a few other places hand back the change and say something along the lines of "you clearly need this more than I do" or "you don't tip, you don't get served."

Bars are kind of a different story then restaurants, though my bar is a restaurant as well. The bartender has a lot of autonomy and I know I too have given less preference, fewer buybacks, and slower service to those who have stiffed me in the past. However, I've never cut someone off, refused to serve them because they don’t tip, or responded to/questioned the tip, though I've been close. I often feel like saying "do you think I love to come here and make you drinks for free?" How do others feel about bartenders responding hostilely to the tips they receive? Is there different bar etiquette?

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