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3rd foodie trip to Barcelona report

Belkisw | Mar 8, 201904:49 PM     1

This was my third foodie trip to Barcelona - previous write up here:

On this trip we went back to Mont Bar, the only place we repeated from the last trip besides Disfrutar. So glad we did, so I could try the oyster, which was most perfect balance of flavors that still allow you to appreciate the oyster itself. I also had the mussel algae tart- WOW! Their tomato bread still best my favorite in the city. The mochi, celeriac and sea cucumber carbonara were all good, but not as stunning as some of their other dishes that we tried last time.

We loved Disfrutar as always, and tried some of their new dishes that were really stunning (the Gazpacho sandwich is bananas). We asked for the sommelier for a different wine pairing since one our last visit we didn’t like how much it focused on sweet wines and he did an excellent job at addressing that. I have to say, having eaten there three or four times now, I think the way to go is the festival- they have some incredible dishes on their classical menu, but with the festival, they really take you on a culinary journey around the world which is so exciting.

Coure - this place was amazing. The tasting menu was hit after hit- the only critique I would make is that the portions are far too big. This is a restaurant I would love to return to, and see how the chef develops.

We had a wonderful lunch at La Estrella, a place where you know you can go to find fantastic seafood. We had a lovely cannelloni with chicken and truffle sauce, fresh red shrimp that was delicious and perfectly cooked, and then for the mains an incredible fresh tuna dish, and cod with Jerusalem artichoke- they are not kidding when they say they know how to make cod. The one letdown was a lentil and foie dish that was not so exciting.

We fell in love with Bar Canete- we loved it so much that we want back twice on the same trip, something I never do. You end up getting so carried away by all the other amazing dishes, but do yourself a favor and do not skip getting the burrata and the green beans. But everything, there is just fantastic. The paella there- best I have ever had, hands down.

We had lunch at Cal Pep, very solid tapas and a few dishes are a hair above Canete on a few of the staples like the fried artichokes and the croquettes. Great for a staple Barcelona tapas meal.

We had a great dinner at Capet, not all the dishes were stunning, but the ones that were really sang, the atmosphere was great, and we got to sit at the chef’s counter to watch the impressive way the team maneuvers in that space.

Yakumanka was great, not all the dishes were perfect, but most of them packed a real punch and captured the flavors of Peru. The cocktails are fantastic, and the atmosphere is just really fun.

Somodo - a positive is that their set menu is so reasonably priced, but that really is the only positive for me. Not the most exciting Japanese, being cooked on a budget which means a limit to the quality of the proteins. Would not recommend anyone go here if they have any experience with very good Japanese food.

Mano Rota - holly cow, the tasting menu here is out of control. Trust the chef with the surprise menu. This restaurant is utterly fantastic and though it is off the radar from some foodies, it really shouldn’t be and I doubt it will remain that way for long.

Still on my must try list are: Tapeo, Mala Hierba and Plata Bistro

Mont Bar
Disfrutar Barcelona
Cal Pep
Capet Restaurant
YAKUMANKA by Gastón Acurio
Restaurante Mano Rota
Plata Bistro
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