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What you don't know you just might like


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What you don't know you just might like

MV | Oct 3, 2005 02:49 PM

So I was at a awedding a week ago and they were serving rumaki(chicken liver and water chestnuts wrapped in bacon). Much to my surprise these were going really quickly. This annoyed me to no end b/c i love liver and bacon. I figured that sinec most people do not like liver i could probably gorge myself on them. While trying to get one last one out of the dish I figured it out. I overheard someone ask what these little morsels were. The person responded oh those are water chestnuts and mushrooms wrapped with bacon. The answer was here, most folk did not know what they were eating. At this point i had to chime in that it was indeed liver and not mushroom that was wrappe in bacon. This little maneuver allowed me to pluck the last remaining treat. the woman upon hearing that it was liver shreaked and turned away.

At this point having been emboldened by a few cocktails i decided to take an unscientific survay of those people i knew to be eating the rumaki. Three quarters of them did not know they were eating chicken liver and of those most were immediately grossed out to know that they did indeed eat liver. The question that puzzled most of them was when i asked "but you did like it before you knew it to be liver, correct?"

These people did enjoy the liver even though they didnt know it was liver. So the thing is here is that sometimes in order to get people to try things they have an irrational aversion to you just have to sneak it by them, or wrap it in bacon.

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