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3 Wines, 3 Cheeses


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3 Wines, 3 Cheeses

Max | Nov 11, 2004 01:13 PM

I have a business meeting later today where I must present a couple of bottle of wines and couple of cheeses for my clients to enjoy. Usually, my wife, who has a much better education regarding food (and wonderful taste) helps me out with choosing wines, etc., but she's away tending a family emergency and I hate to bother her with my silly wine and cheese problem. I must admit, I am absolutely clueless when it comes to such things.

Unfortunately, due to the short notice, the only stop I can make is Gelson's. Not terrible, but certainly not a huge wine or cheese selection.

If you had to pick three wines and three cheeses, what would you choose? Can you help an absolute amateur (short on time) out?

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