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Ericka | Feb 17, 2006 04:25 PM

I am having a girlfriend come over tomorrow night and we are going to "get serious about our diets" by preparing our meals for each week on the Saturday before. Hey, it's cheaper than Jenny Craig! We have decided to become our own personal diet chefs. I own a Foodsaver and bought a ton of bags but(and this is sheer ignorance on my part) should I:
Season and fully cook the meat and then vacuum pack/freeze it??
Season the meat and then vacuum pack it raw and freeze it?? (is this safe if I am using garlic cloves?)
What about vegetable sides? If I cook up broccoli or green beans with garlic and herbs, can I freeze this without fear??
The whole idea of course of that it be easy to prepare and FAST (cuz I don't want to have time to debate between the chips and the cookies in the cupboard or the healthy for me but takes forever to prepare meal,ya know? Fast and convenient winning out over healthy but time consuming is what got me into this mess in the first place)
Also any good suggestions on preparation or actual meal planning from those that have experience with this would be GREATLY appreciated!!
Thanks in advance,

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