2017 Edmunds St John Bone-Jolly rose, $99 per case

Melanie Wong | Nov 2, 201902:33 AM     2

An incredible offer from my friend Steve Edmunds of Edmunds St. John to raise money for Sonoma County wildfire relief. He is offering his 2017 Edmunds St. John Bone-Jolly rosé for $99 per case (12 bottles) and all the proceeds will be donated to Corazon in Healdsburg and UndocuFund. The normal retail for this wine is $22 per bottle.


Edmunds St John has just completed its 35th wine harvest, and, looking back (over nearly half my life!) what I’m struck by is the way the community of people that has found its way into being, around our common love of wine, has given our lives so much to be thankful for. Now, for the third consecutive season, a part of that community is struggling just to survive, through the ravages of the Kincade Fire.

One of the ways we’d like to help out is by donating to organizations that serve those folks that are trying to put the pieces of their lives back together after the horror and trauma of fire, evacuation, and loss.

In an effort to make a significant contribution, we’re offering our 2017 Bone-Jolly Gamay Noir Rosé at a stunningly low price, by the case: only $99.00 (not including sales tax and shipping) This is a wine that Eric Asimov, writing in the New York Times, ranked first among American rosés, in July of 2018. It is drinking absolutely beautifully these days, and probably will, for several more years. We will donate every penny of those 99 dollars, from each case sold, to 2 organizations:
CorazonHealdsburg.org, and

(We’ll make this wine available through November, 2019, or, until the wine is sold out, whichever comes first! It graces our Thanksgiving table! It’s a great gift! You might want more than one case!)

Send an email to: edmundsstj@comcast.net, and let us know how many cases you’d like. We’ll add sales tax, and shipping (if applicable), and send you a total. We don’t have an account in place to process credit cards, so payment will need to be by check only (and your contribution will therefore be greater). We look forward to hearing from you, sending you some delicious wine, and, lending a hand to our great community.

best, from
Steve and Cornelia"

Edmunds St. John

In response to our post yesterday, you've been so incredibly awesome! We've been slammed with orders for the 2017 Bone-Jolly Gamay Rosé, (99 per case...

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