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2007 Austrian Riesling - what should it taste like?

danna | Jun 14, 201201:53 PM

I opened a bottle of Nicolaihof Wachau riesling a few days ago. It smelled fine, but the taste was undrinkable to me. At first I thought "vinegar"... but that wasn't exactly it. Kerosine, maybe? I put a vacuvin in it, stuck in the fridge and planned to take it back to the wine store, see if they wanted to taste it, and ask for a refund. I've gotten bad bottles there before, especially anything with the least bit of age.

But a moment ago I read that "petrol" is common in aged rieslings. Is 2007 "aged"? Should it really be so strong ? I seriously would pour this down the drain, i wouldn't even cook with something that tasted like this. Am I going to make an ass of myself if I take it back?


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