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2 different prices on the check - cash or credit card

smartie | Feb 18, 201209:48 PM

We went to a local Thai tonight and were very surprised to get the check where there was a credit card amount of $42 and a cash amount of $37. So they are charging $5 for running the credit card. We did not notice a sign when we walked in (or when we left) nor on the menu nor were told about it by the servers or hostess. We happened to have enough cash on us.

Although I see why they might do this because there is a cost to the business running credit cards but it raises some questions and I do feel they should have said this somewhere either verbally or clearly in writing. It also made us wonder whether the server gets a better tip if the amount goes on a credit card and what happens if 2 people or couples wanted to split the check and both pay by credit card. Anybody else seen this, is it legal?

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