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18% meat protein in meat and don't understand.


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18% meat protein in meat and don't understand.

Anarkya | Jan 11, 2010 03:48 PM


So, my mother in law often send food our way that she buys and don't like (...) and this week is "seasoned pork loin center steak" it's from a grocery shop near by with no brand name on it. It came already frozen with some spices in the middle of the steak.

Under the name you can read "18% meat protein"
On the ingredient list, 1st is pork, second is salt, and the the list of spices and a bunch of preservative with names only chemists of this world understand.
What I don't understand is, why did they wrote 18% meat protein?
Isn't meat protein already? or is meat protein some sort of fake meat?

This is probably a stupid question but, I never buy meat already prepared. I always go to the butcher and I see what I buy and if I say "Beef" I know I will get beef and season it myself so I know what's in it.

Also, would the preservative be bad for me if I have thyroid problems?

Thanks Chow people!

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