13" peking pan: is it a good size?


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13" peking pan: is it a good size?

Dr. Crash | Nov 7, 2010 10:11 PM

I found a peking pan whose construction I liked at my local Asian store. It is Japanese made and the handle is part of the wok itself (not welded or riveted, except when it folds back onto itself to become a round handle), which is what I liked. It also has a round bottom which is what I was looking for.

The one pan that my store had is 33 cm in diameter, i.e. 13 inches. I would cook for 1 to 4 most of the time, and it seems that the size would be okay, but I could return the 33 cm and get a 36 cm online for the same price shipped. Is it worth it? Or will my 13" be fine? If I then love woking so much that I want to do it for company, it seems that I'd then want a 16" and not a 14", and then the two sizes would complement each other?

I have barely used a wok before (the Ikea one) and look forward to using a better one, but am not sure about the size. It also seems that size is a reflection of culture: a Thai site said "get a 16" it's good for one as well as eight;" Half the European sites (where kitchens are smaller) say "30 to 32 cm is a good size" while some others say "get a 35 cm" (~ 13 3/4), and in America, home of the ubiquitous big stove (I hone myself :p) people say "14" is a minimum!"

I'm confused :)

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