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04/08 This Thing with Eggs: Where did it Start?

opinionatedchef | Apr 19, 200805:46 PM

On our 3 week foodie vaca. to Cal./SF in March, it was clear that poached eggs/eggs en cocotte/fried eggs are all the rage. Of the 20 non-ethnic places where we dined, every single restaurant's dinner menu included a dish that featured a cooked egg. In my recollection, this was not the case last year in SF. Does anyone know where this trend started in Cal/SF? A particular chef? (Just to clarify, I am not talking about the French trad.item of a soft egg on salad; I am talking about the inclusion of an egg on all kinds of entrees, sides, etc.- that are not traditional uses.) The practice is creeping into Boston now too.Appreciate your thoughts.

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