What to Eat After Wisdom Tooth Surgery

Slip into this sweet, creamy fall soup flavored with bacon, shallots, thyme, and plenty of roasted pumpkin. Pick a small pumpkin, possibly a sugar baby variety, and look for a stiff stem and no soft spots. Farmers markets have good pumpkins. If pumpkins aren't in season, you can try other winter squash or give in to convenience and buy canned pumpkin puree. Skip the parsley croutons if you can't handle the crunch right now.

Large, woody pumpkins are perfect for jack-o’-lanterns; save the tender little ones for this savory soup, a well-deserved treat after a chilly leaf-raking session. Game plan: The pumpkin can be roasted a day ahead, removed from the skin, and refrigerated until you’re ready to make the soup.... Read More