What to Eat After Wisdom Tooth Surgery

Sometimes when you don't feel well, you want to stay with familiar foods, the stuff that reminds you of good times in childhood. When it comes to ice cream flavors, chocolate is almost as classic as vanilla. You didn't want anything crazy back then, and you're not up to it now. So our go-to chocolate ice cream recipe calls for only seven ingredients, plus some wait time. Scoop it into a bowl or blend it in a milkshake for now, and later you can make ice cream cookie sandwiches.

No fancy add-ins or ingredients here, just a simple, dependably rich and creamy chocolate ice cream that’s bound for ice cream sandwiches, milk shakes, and chocolate sauce, as well as the front tab of your recipe box. Game plan: The unfrozen ice cream base can be made up to 2 days in advance.... Read More