Our Favorite Vegetarian Dinner Recipes

You might love artichokes, but if you haven't bought a whole raw artichoke and learned how to peel and trim it, then de-fuzz its purple center, then you haven't fully learned to appreciate this delicate, buttery vegetable. This recipe offers clear, detailed instructions on the process, with step-by-step photos. And it does the same for making the ribbons of asparagus which seem to dance with the fettuccine under a confetti of basil-parsley pesto. Knowledge accompanied by hands-on experience means true love.

This pasta dish is springtime on a plate. Fat asparagus spears are peeled lengthwise into thin ribbons that twist nicely around the fettuccine. Toss the asparagus-fettuccine mixture in a basil-parsley pesto, then top it with seared baby artichokes.... Read More