Easter Side Dishes Perfect to Pair with Lamb

The key to this recipe is to use authentic wild rice. That's not necessarily an easy task because long-grain wild rice is harvested by hand while rowing in a canoe (yes, in 2016 and beyond). It's usually found in northern midwestern region of the United States. But oh, the taste! It's so much better than the farmed kinds easily available at supermarkets. Regardless, this wild rice salad is a wonderful side to lamb with its earthy sesame oil, sweet honey dressing and dried cranberries, protein-packed edamame beans, and carrots.

Fast, healthy, and surprisingly addictive, this salad could easily become your go-to dish for barbecues, potlucks, and picnics. It comes together in mere minutes, but be sure to leave time for the salad to chill and the flavors to meld before serving.... Read More