Savory Peanut Recipes You Haven't Tried Before

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The perennial partner to Cracker Jack and the bane of many a modern elementary school, peanuts—as you may already know—are not actually nuts. Rather than growing on trees like cashews, almonds, pecans, and other true nuts, peanuts grow underground and are legumes, related to beans and peas. The ground they grow under is all over the globe, with China producing the most peanuts worldwide, India in second place, and Africa in third. The US comes fourth, but within our borders, Georgia is the top peanut producer, growing over 42% of the nation's supply. No wonder, then, that the National Peanut Board is headquartered in Atlanta.

Although we most often eat them in candy bars, peanut butter form, or by the roasted handful, peanuts are dynamite at dinner time too—and we're not just talking the usual suspects like Asian peanut sauce, kung pao, and pad thai. In honor of National Peanut Month (and our abiding love for the nut that's not, which knows no monthly bounds), we present some less common but equally delicious ways to work more goobers into your diet, from soup and empanadas to hummus and hamburgers. Click through the peanut gallery to see them all.